20 Reasons Why You Need To See A Dentist
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20 Reasons Why You Need To See A Dentist

February 6th, 2020 | by: Admin | Posted in: Uncategorized

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Visiting the dentist is a task that most people will put off until there’s a problem. Some of us are better about it than others though. We tend to assume that so long as we don’t feel any discomfort or notice anything out of place, that we’re fine. When it comes to your dental health, like any other kind of health, we have to focus on prevention, not intervention. That’s not to say that if there’s a problem that you’re too late, far from it. If you’re ever faced with a health issue of any kind, you should see your doctor. Never wait to consult a healthcare professional. Here are 20 reasons you should see your Woodland Hills dentist as soon as possible.

1.Regular cleaning

Everyone knows that you should make sure your teeth are clean. That’s a given, but you brush your teeth, you floss, and you do what you’re supposed to do right? The dentist can wait and you’re busy with other things. Even with perfect oral hygiene and cleaning habits, you should go to the dentist. You don’t have the equipment, expertise, or ability to clean your teeth the way they do. There’s just no substitute for a deep clean that you’re going to get when a dentist cleans your mouth and knocks off any plaque or other buildups that you may have missed. 

2.Risk Prevention

Your mouth and oral health are a key indicator of the health of the rest of your body. If problems are found in the mouth, you’ll likely find problems elsewhere as well. You need to have your mouth looked at every few months so that you’re not placing yourself at inappropriate risk. If problems can be caught early with X-Rays and other methods, then they’re likely to be solved faster, and with less pain, than it would be if the problem were to persist until symptoms showed. Don’t wait until you’re in pain to see your dentist. Catch problems early. 

3.Bad Breath

We all wake up with bad breath, even if we brushed and flossed the night before. The same way we all have less than stellar breath after eating onion soup. It’s perfectly normal. What isn’t normal is needing a pack of gum on hand to combat chronic bad breath, even with proper cleaning. Bad breath is often due to bacteria growth, and bad breath can be a symptom of other problems. It may be that you have an infection or even that a tooth is decaying. There’s no way to be sure unless you go see your dentist.

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4.Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

Some of us have teeth that are more sensitive than others. You can gauge which camp you’re in if you recoil when watching someone bite into ice cream. Some people just have sensitive teeth, but there is a limit. Especially if you notice a change in how sensitive your teeth are too hot or cold, you should see your dentist. If you believe that your teeth are more sensitive than most others, you should see a dentist. Sensitive teeth can be a symptom of other problems that have to be addressed, especially if the sensitivity developed suddenly. 

5.Dry Mouth

There are a few reasons you may be suffering from dry mouth. Often it’s a side effect of other medications, like antidepressants. This can be completely normal, but if you’re suffering from dry mouth for seemingly no reason, it could be the sign of something larger being wrong with your mouth. Saliva is a key component to washing away waste from bacteria and other acidic things in your mouth that eat away at your teeth. Without saliva, your mouth is at risk. 

6.Teeth Whitening

Your smile is probably the first impression that you’ll make. If you show off yellowed teeth, the impact will be lessened or even completely different than you intended. You should keep your pearly whites… White. Your dentist can help you with that through a variety of procedures and methods to help keep your teeth white and making the first impression that you need them to make. It’s often easy and simple, even though it’s a process. Don’t let your first impression be one with yellowed teeth. Go see your dentist and make sure your smile is exactly what you want with teeth whitening

7.Sores Inside Your Mouth

You’ve likely had to deal with a sore or cut inside your mouth at some point. Most people do, and often they heal on their own and go away. That’s not a constant though, and sometimes they can stick around much longer than they should. This could be a sign of other problems in your mouth, and possibly a much larger problem in your body. Many problems can cause a sore to not heal quickly, and your dentist will be able to diagnose you. It may be the sign of something much more serious, like cancer. Don’t delay seeing your dentist if sores don’t heal.

8.Bleeding Gums

When you floss your gums shouldn’t bleed. They also shouldn’t bleed after you brush your teeth. This mild agitation should not be enough and if it is then it could be the sign of larger problems such as periodontitis or even leukemia. It could also be something less severe, like a vitamin deficiency. Regardless, if you have frequent bleeding gums or other issues where you’re bleeding inside your mouth, it would be best if you seek the help of your dentist immediately. You don’t want to leave this unchecked and subsequently not discover a serious illness early. 

9.Receding Gums

You may have noticed that your gums have started to pull away from your teeth. Maybe it’s just a couple of them, or maybe it’s more widespread. This is not normal, and you need to contact your dentist. When your gums recede it exposes the root of your teeth. the root being exposed could lead to severe tooth decay, and it could even result in your tooth rotting and falling out. Depending on how quickly the problem is addressed, numerous things can be done to solve the problem. These can range from a topical gel and a mouthwash to surgery. Your dentist will be able to set out a plan that’s right for you and your mouth.

10.Sore Jaw

This type of pain can be debilitating. It can lead to changes in how you eat, sleep, and even how you speak. The problem that often arises, is that there can be multiple causes for a sore jaw and jaw pain. It can be difficult to know for sure, without the help of a professional. One of the most common causes of jaw pain and a sore jaw is TMD (Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder). The problem can also be an issue with your mouth or teeth that is radiating to your jaw. Speak with a professional to learn what might be causing your pain and soreness. 

11.Swelling of the Face

Unless you got in a fight the night before the cause of your facial swelling might be difficult to pin down on your own. You might wake up with swelling and a puffy face, and that might be nothing, but it could also be the sign of an underlying condition or untreated injury. Facial swelling may also include the neck and throat. If you haven’t suffered an injury, then it might be the sign of something more serious. Talk to your dentist if you believe there is something wrong. 

12.Clicking Jaw

Jaw clicking or popping is a painful sensation that’s often caused by TMJ (Temporomandibular Joints). What that means is that the joints that connect your jawbone to the skull aren’t working properly, causing the aforementioned pop or click. There are a few reasons you might have developed TMJ, such as chewing gum too often or grinding your teeth at night. TMJ is often not the primary concern for your dentist. What is a concern are possible underlying causes of the condition. Talk to your dentist if you experience painful popping of the jaw. 

13.Pain When Chewing

Chewing should not be painful. If chewing is painful, then there is probably something going on that needs to be addressed. This is often the sign that something is not right in your mouth. It could be a problem with your teeth. It might also be an issue with your jaw. There’s no way to be sure exactly what is going on. It may be minor, like a toothache or it could be the sign of something much more serious developing. 


Here’s what most people think about when they’re looking for a reason to see the dentist. Toothaches suck, and we all know that when we develop one, we should go to the dentist. There are a few reasons you might have developed the ache. It could be a cavity or a root problem, just to name a couple of common causes. Toothaches can be debilitating if left untreated and are often not the problem, but a symptom of the problem. 

15.Cracked Teeth

You may have cracked your teeth by chewing hard foods or grinding your teeth at night. There might not even be a cause, aside from age. You get older, and your teeth crack. This can result in a broken tooth if you leave it untreated. There are a few types of cracked teeth, and not all of them require treatment, such as with Craze Lines cracks. It could also be a vertical root fracture that starts below the gum line. This type of crack should absolutely be treated or you run the risk of pain and eventually losing the tooth. 


Most people are familiar with cavities. They’re what your mother probably threatened you with when you didn’t brush your teeth at night. Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth. They are usually caused by bacteria and decay. If they become too advanced, then your tooth will be compromised, and in the worst of cases, infected. This will likely result in the removal of the tooth. The best way to prevent cavities and catch any that may have formed is good dental hygiene and regular checkups.  


There may come a day when you need a dental crown Woodland Hills. A crown is a tooth sized cap that is surgically placed over one of your teeth to restore its shape and size. It also helps to improve its appearance. Often crowns are needed to protect a weak tooth from further damage or to restore an already broken tooth. They can also be used entirely for cosmetic reasons in adults, restoring a tooth to its uniform shape and size. Crowns may be a solution that you and your dentist discuss when restoring your mouth. Ask questions and listen to their advice as your dentist knows best. 

Doctor examining X-rays,Dental Crowns

18.Finding Problems with X-Rays

You probably have trouble seeing the inside of your mouth. You certainly have trouble seeing the bone under your skin. Sometimes, as a measure of caution, your dentist may X-ray your mouth. This can help to find underlying conditions causing pain, such as wisdom teeth. They also aid in the uncovering of other problems in their earliest stages, like gum disease and oral infections. You can’t X-rays outside of your dentist’s office. So, go see them and get checked up. You might find that you need a root canal, Woodland Hills, or that you have some other underlying condition. 

19.Cancer Detection 

Nobody likes to think about cancer or the possibility that you can get it. Mouth cancer is just as real as every other type of cancer. Without regular dental checkups, you might miss the early warning signs. If you’re visiting your dentist regularly, it’s more likely that you catch any oral cancer before it can spread and cause more damage. The sooner you can catch cancer, the better your chances of being able to treat it. Visit your dentist, get checked, and you might catch it while it’s still easy to treat. This is especially important if you smoke or use chewing tobacco. 

20. Your Dentist is Lonely

Dentists are people too and they love when you come by to visit them. Many Americans will forgo a visit to the dentist each year. in 2014 that number was over 20% of surveyed adults. They provided many reasons, from the costs being too high to even some anxiety revolving around the visit and cleaning. You should go see your dentist and take care of your oral health. Don’t deprive yourself of the best dentist in Woodland Hills. Find the dentist that you feel comfortable with who’s right for you. Take care of your oral health, and live the best life possible with a smile. 

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