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Benefits Of Flossing

October 20th, 2020 | by: Admin | Posted in: General Dentistry


Oral health is one of the most important in the human body. Many people disregard flossing as an additional task while brushing. It is however an addition to brushing used for cleaning and maintaining your oral hygiene. Most dentists recommend that you floss your teeth daily along with bruising twice daily. So to show the importance here are some benefits of flossing.

Preventative Oral Care

There are millions of bacteria and other germs present in your oral cavity. Which is why you need to take proper preventative oral care. Flossing and brushing together help reduce the number of bacteria trapped in your mouth. As bruising alone can’t reach into certain areas the food debris and bacteria will be stuck there. Flossing helps reach into those areas and clean it. This stops the bacteria from building up micro-organic colonies. If bacteria is left untouched it slowly forms into plaque which is a yellowish substance that stains and damages your teeth over time. The best way to proper oral care is through both flossing and brushing.

Flossing Teeth Removes Dental Plaque

Your Toothbrush isn’t the most efficient to be used in between your teeth as it cant reach in the gapes. If it is left unattended plaque starts to build up more and more. Without you realizing it will cover up your teeth because of its colorlessness you won’t even notice. If the plaque is left unchecked for long periods of time it could form tartar which is a yellow layer covering your teeth. The only way to remove it would be to visit a dentist. Overtime the tartar could lead to even worse conditions causing diseases in your gum as well. All these diseases will eventually damage your jawline as well.


Benefits Of Flossing

Prevents Bad Breath

Daily flossing can help to remove the smell from your mouth while keeping your breath fresh and teeth free from food and bacteria. Flossing also removes the food particles stuck in between that affect your mouth odor. If food particles get left in the mouth, those particles will begin to rot after a while, causing your breath to smell bad no matter what you do. So, if you want to have good dental hygiene, then floss your teeth!

More Effective Than Brushing Alone

Brushing and flossing work together to keep your mouth clean and bacteria-free. If you only brush your teeth but do not floss, you leave the bacteria between your teeth untouched. Up to 35% of your teeth’s surfaces remain uncleaned when you only brush and neglect to floss. That’s because the bristles of your toothbrush can’t reach all the way. Unlike the toothbrush, dental floss is able to effectively dislodge food and bacteria that get trapped in the tight spaces between your teeth and gums.

Prevents Gum Disease

Unfortunately, plaque doesn’t just stain your teeth or look unsightly. When you don’t look after your teeth, you are effectively allowing plaque to build up which can lead to gum disease. Gum disease refers to inflammation and infection of the gums. When plaque slowly eats away and erodes your soft gum tissue. An advanced form of periodontal disease, referred to as periodontitis, can result in extreme decay and root canal issues. An effective deterrence to plaque build-up is to remove the bacteria at the base of the teeth which is the most vulnerable point of the gums. So follow the benefits of flossing.

Flossing Helps Clean Your Braces

If you have braces or had braces, then flossing is essential. When you have braces, cleaning your teeth and equipment becomes an essential part of your dental health, because plaque buildup and food particles that get stuck in the teeth will hurt the equipment as well, causing additional buildup. In the end, having plaque-buildup will look unsightly so that flossing can help. Benefits Of Flossing also include ways to keep your braces clean which takes a lot of effort otherwise.

Flossing Cuts Down on Dental Costs

Modern dental care focuses on preventative oral hygiene measures, which include flossing. When you maintain a strong dental routine, you can avoid costly procedures if you don’t have insurance. Even if you do have insurance, many practices don’t accept insurance for expensive dental work. Preventative care can reduce the costs of dental treatments over time, and flossing is just a small part that makes a huge difference.

Benefits Your Overall Health

The main purpose of flossing is to remove any plaque and food present between the teeth. It also helps protect you from diseases like gingivitis. Flossing is great for the health of your gums as well. It is also known that flossing can help reduce the bleeding in gums. A lot of different underlying issues can be prevented simply by flossing, but people still ignoring flossing in their daily life. As such here are the benefits of flossing that can help people with underlying issues greatly.


When you ignore flossing the bacteria keeps on building up in between your teeth. This build-up of bacteria can only negatively affect your body as well as glucose levels in it. If someone with diabetes keeps ignoring it the increase in glucose levels can be very risky. Which is why flossing is always recommended.

Heart Disease

It comes as a surprise to many but flossing actually helps people with heart diseases. Leaving the bacteria to the point that gingivitis sets in can be dangerous but once that bacteria enters your bloodstream it attacks your major organs. People with heart problems won’t be able to protect against bacteria.

Respiratory Diseases

When bacteria builds up in your mouth they can travel down into your respiratory system, This is what leads to respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and sinus infections. But flossing can help with this it removes any excess food particles and bacteria present in between your teeth and prevent any illnesses from occurring.

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