I never thought an extraction could be this painless! I thought I would have to spend a few days at home, but I went right back to work the next day. ?Thank-you, Dr. Leila.
–Scott S.

Squirt in some novacaine and grip the tooth like a football and PULL!
Well, maybe you would prefer a woman’s gentle touch, instead.

Dr. Leila completed oral surgery externships at both USC and Loma Linda Dental Schools, where she encountered the rough and tumble hands and aires of the surgical community.
But there is an artistry to injection and extraction which she learned at the side of a few rare masters, which she has now brought to thousands of extractions of her own.

Would you believe you might not even realize you had been given a shot? Dr. Leila hears that a lot. A touch of gentleness goes a long way.

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