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Living with braces during the pandemic

August 25th, 2020 | by: Admin | Posted in: General Dentistry

During this COVID-19 pandemic, the dental care industry has not been able to perform as effectively as hoped. Most dental clinics if not all have been closed down. This is because the virus can pass between people very easily in dental care. As the virus has been known to pass through saliva and dentists can’t exercise social distancing while performing dental care. The most important thing to remember is to have proper dental hygiene. So, here is a list of tips on living with braces during the pandemic which you might find useful.

Clean your teeth multiple times a day

When you have braces on one of the main problems is that food can easily get stuck in between. Now that you can just go to the dentist anytime it is important to take extra care. It is better to use a soft brush to brush around the braces. Don’t forget to brush your gums as well. After that use floss to remove any lodged pieces of food and rinse with a mouth wash.

Avoid problematic foods and drinks

Now what you eat and drink is especially important during this time. If anything happens to your braces or teeth all dental clinics are closed. So avoid hard or sticky food that can break the brackets. Limit the number of sugary beverages you have as well.

Wear your elastics or retainers as prescribed

It is important to follow the plan that your orthodontist prescribed. If you are running low on something give them a call to figure out what to do next. This way you will be on top of everything and can avoid the worst-case situation. Living with braces during the pandemic can get problematic so you should listen to your dentists.

Handling orthodontic emergencies at home

Most of the emergencies that occur with the braces can be dealt with from your home itself. As such we have prepared this list of all the emergencies and what you should do.

Food Caught Between Teeth

When you have braces on its hard when food gets caught in your teeth. This is not exactly an emergency case but is still very uncomfortable and can cause damage over time. For this not to happen it is important to regularly floss your teeth.

Lost Wire or Ligature

If you lose a wire or ligature that holds the bracket you may need some help. This counts as an emergency and you need to contact your orthodontist to see what you need to do next.

Mouth Sores

Mouth Sores is not necessarily an emergency but is very common. Braces can irritate these mouth sores. These can cause ulcers to appear on the cheeks, lips, or tongue. This can be very uncomfortable for people but is something you can deal with at home. You can apply a topical anesthetic to relieve it for a while. You could try rinsing your mouth with salt water as well to reduce the feeling.

Irritation in Mouth

There are a lot of known cases in which braces are known to irritate the mouth. This mainly occurs when you are eating food. There is a non-medicinal wax that can be used between the metal and the mouth to provide relief. The wax is harmless and the process is simple. Pinch off a small piece and flatten it. Place the flattened piece of wax between the metal and your mouth.

Protruding Wire

Commonly, the braces may get a protruding wire. This wire is best fixed quickly as it hits the inside of your mouth irritating it. You can use a Q-tip to push the wire back so it’s against your tooth rather than hang out. If it still bothers you or if you are unable to push it back it’s best to call your dentist to discuss what to do next. As a last resort, you can clip the wire off but take precautions before doing it.

A Bracket is Knocked Off

Brackets are the main part of the braces as they are attached to the teeth using a special adhesive. There are positioned in the center of the tooth so it won’t come off easily. Though brackets can still be knocked off by hard or crunchy food. After all living with braces during the pandemic can get tough. So people with braces are generally instructed to avoid anything hard for a while at least.

If the loose bracket is not irritating you, you can leave it on till your next appointment. But as we are in a pandemic and all the dental clinics are closed it is best to call your dentist to discuss what to do next. If the bracket has moved out or rotated to the other side you can fix it yourself at home. Get some sterile tweezers and rotate it back to the other side placing it between the teeth.

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