Dental Hygiene

Wash Out That Potty Mouth!

Hundreds of kinds of bacteria live inside our bodies. Good ones in our gut help us digest our food. They live in balance with other types that can make us sick. It is the same in your mouth, where they feast on sugary foodstuffs and build little houses for themselves in the form of plaque. Their poop is acidic and smelly, just like that bad tasting “morning breath”! Do you need a better reason to brush your teeth? You also need dental hygienist in Woodland Hills for better care.

Bad Boys Hiding In Dark Corners…

Under layers of biofilm plaque, also in between your teeth, around aging fillings, within tiny pockets between the teeth and gums: there we find the hiding places where bad bacteria lurk and become truly sinister. In such protected places, bacterial biochemistry alters to produce a super poop that eats away tooth and bone structure and builds whole neighborhoods of plaque folk, then towns, then cities. Put enough of them together and they are strong enough to loosen your teeth right out!

Brushing and flossing clear away much of the problem. (While you’re at it, scrape them off your tongue and inner cheeks, too.) Get regular cleanings, where tools are used to get at the encrusted tartar structures and other places where you can’t clean so well at home. 

Scaling And Root Planing…

Once these critters get established under the gumline, you need a “perio cleaning” to get them out. That means the scraping tools go to work below the gumline. Anesthetic is involved. Even the best caretakers of their mouths will need dental hygienist in Woodland Hills from time to time.

You do it to keep the bacteria from building their chemical bulldozers to push out your teeth. It’s hard for the gums to reattach to your teeth, so please don’t put this off until you actually see the roots of teeth exposed in your jaw. In serious cases, the gums need to be rescalloped to preserve the teeth.

“Deep pockets” are the big red flag that you may need perio work. Make those gums pink and happy, with a good hold on your pearly whites. Waiting always makes it worse.

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